This is your thread for the Arkansas runoff election between Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln on June 8th, 2010. See the exit polls as they become available and learn the winner of the Arkansas runoff. This is part 2 of the Democrat primary which resulted in a hung jury in May.

Click the live blog window to join us for full election news on this very interesting runoff election. Our election desk will announce the winner before any of the major media outlets which is always the case on Right Pundits. You can see the live vote count, study the exit polls data when published by the news wires, and follow all the action in the hotly contested Arkansas runoff election.

The latest Arkansas polls show that incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln is running neck and neck with Lt. Governor Bill Halter. Such has been the case for many months. She was hoping to knock him off in the Democrat primary contest but neither candidate achieved a majority of the vote in the Democrat primary held four weeks ago. In the state of Arkansas a mere plurality will not do. In this state the electorate will enjoy an encore performance.

That a sitting incumbent Democrat Senator would face a vigorous primary challenge is another story unto itself. In 2010 incumbent is a dirty word and both parties are gunning them down in their primaries and caucuses.

The press is reporting this phenomenon as an anti-incumbent story, when in reality the real story is a further polarization of the electorate that began when the Democratic establishment decided to use the 911 terrorist attack as a political wedge rather than uniting the country for a common purpose.

Now in 2010 Democrats are getting flanked by far left candidates while Republicans are getting hammered by the Tea Party movement. The result is that a stark choice will be offered to the American people in November in many of these Senate races including Arkansas. And interestingly, by doing so both parties are offering up weaker candidates for the general election in November.

The latest Arkansas Senate polls can be found over here for both the general election match-ups and Democat primary contest to be decided on June 8th, 2010. For your convenience here are the most recent primary polls for Arkansas so you can see how close the race is on election day:

Arkansas Primary Runoff Polls – Democrat Election

Date Poll Blanche Lincoln (D) Bill Halter (D)
6/4/2010 Daily Kos 45% 49%
5/27/2010 Daily Kos 44% 47%
5/20/2010 R2000 46% 48%

Bill Halter is the favorite of the far left and our prediction is that he will win the Tuesday runoff election in Arkansas. Hard to believe that a very liberal candidate will but put forth by the party in a state that trends “purple” lately when a moderate candidate like Blanche Lincoln probably offers the Democrats their best hope to retain the Senate seat.

Either way Republican John Boozman will take on either candidate in the fall general election contest. He is favored already, a fact which may become an insurmountable lead against a weak opponent like Bill Halter. Join the live blog session above and tell us what you think in the comments.