Here are the Nevada primary election results thread for the hotly contested Republican election contest. We will know who won the Republican primary in Nevada sometime this evening on Tuesday, June 8th. Will the winner be Sharron Angle, Susan Lowden, or Danny Tarkanian?

On the Democrat side a much beleaguered Harry Reid will win the Nevada Democrat primary on the and will face the winner of the GOP election in NV.

Note: for the general election winner in the Sharron Angle – Harry Reid vote, use the links in the left sidebar to find the live blog data.

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Please click the arrow embedded within live blog window to see the election results. As usual the Right Pundits election desk will announce the winner before any of the major media outlets. You can follow the live vote count, see any exit polls that are available, and learn the latest election news in Nevada as news breaks during the evening.

The latest Nevada polls show a very tight race for the GOP nomination to face Harry Reid. You can see all of the latest polls in Nevada over here for both the general election match-ups and GOP primary contest to be decided on June 8th, 2010. For your convenience here are the most recent primary polls for Nevada so you can see how close the race is down to the wire:

Nevada Primary Polls – GOP

Polling Date Polling Company Susan Lowden (R) Sharron Angle (R) Danny Tarkanian (R)
6/3/2010 Mason Dixon 23% 32% 24%

6/2/2010 Suffolk University 25% 33% 26%

6/2/2010 Daily Kos 34% 25% 24%

Sharron Angle is the favorite of the Tea Party and has maintained a consistent lead lately in the latest election polls in Nevada. Danny Tarkanian led early in the primary season because of name recognition. His father is the famous basketball coach of the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV. But do not count out Susan Lowden just yet. And in fact, polls show that she would make the most formidable opponent for Reid in the November general election contest.

Our prediction is that Sharron Angle will win. The Tea Party movement is driving people to the polls for their candidates. Although she will not make the best candidate against Reid, we do expect her to win the Nevada primary and get a nice bump for the general election.