This is your Super Tuesday election results thread including the much anticipated California exit polls for the GOP primary. We will know who won the Republican primary in California sometime this evening on Tuesday, June 8th. On the Democrat side Barbara Boxer will win the uncontested primary vote in California, and stands ready to face any challenger in November.

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Update: general election winner between Boxer and Fiorina and any exit poll data will be included in the live blog located via the link in the left sidebar.

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The latest California polls suggest that Carly Fiorina wins here, but Tom Campbell is putting up a good fight. In fact he led the race until very recently when Sarah Palin endorsed Fiorina, providing a huge bump in the polls and turning the race upside down. Chuck DeVore is also running and within striking distance although every poll so far has him in 3rd place which is where we expect him to be on election night.

You can see all of the latest polls in California right here for both the general election match-ups and GOP primary contest. The most recent date from each polling outfit is summarized here:

California Primary Polls

Polling Date Polling Company Carly Fiorina (R) Chuck DeVore (R) Tom Campbell (R)
6/6/2010 Magellan 54% 16% 19%

6/2/2010 Field 37% 19% 22%
5/26/2010 LA Times 38% 16% 23%

5/25/2010 Survey USA 46% 14% 23%

5/25/2010 PPP 41% 16% 21%

5/21/2010 Daily Kos 25% 16% 23%

5/20/2010 PPIC 16% 8% 27%

5/18/2010 M-4 Strategies 28% 15% 33%

Carly Fiorina appears to be running away with the California primary. Expect her to have a nice bump after Tuesday with some post-election polls showing her leading Barbara Boxer in the general election. But first she needs to win the primary election so join us live in the session at the top of this article.