There are a number of exciting primary contests tomorrow. Other than the Senate runoff in Arkansas, most are Republican intramurals. Here’s a brief capsule of some of the more noteworthy, just to whet your appetite.

Arkansas – In what may be one of the tightest contests of the night, Blanche Lincoln, the incumbent senator is involved in a Democratic runoff against Bill Halter, the state attorney general. It amounts to a battle of the Democratic titans, with Bill Clinton actively campaigning for Lincoln, while a number of labor unions have taken up Halter’s cause. If Lincoln loses, she would be the third incumbent to go down this cycle.

South Carolina – In the governor’s race, Nikki Haley, endorsed by Sarah Palin, holds a massive lead in recent polling over her principal opponent, Gresham Barrett, one of the establishment candidates. This is despite a number of allegations alleging that she has had affairs with political operatives. Haley has denied each of the allegations and nobody has provided substantiation of the misconduct. In another contest, Representative Bob Inglis is facing a tough re-election bid.

Nevada – In a heated Republican primary to decide who gets to face Harry Reid, there are three candidates who have a chance to win. Danny Tarkanian is the son of the famed basketball coach at UNLV. Sue Lowden was the early front-runner. She made a gaffe on health care reform that led a number of national comedians to mock her. As well, Harry Reid has produced a number of ads to bring down her popularity. Sharron Angle, the preferred candidate of the Club for Growth and the Tea Party Express, has taken the lead in polling recently.

California – There are two statewide contests up for grabs this year, governor to replace Arnold, and the senate contest, where the Republicans hope to beat Boxer in November. In the governor’s contest on the Democratic side, Jerry Brown is the presumptive nominee. For the Republicans, the race is between Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. Whitman holds a double-digit lead in recent polling, and both sides have spent an unprecedented amount (Whitman – $60 million; Poiznere – $23 million).
In the Republican Senate contest, Carly Fiorina, the former HP CEO faces Tom Campbell, who was previously a congressman from the state. Fiorina holds a decisive lead in recent polling. Campbell’s main contention is that polling shows him performing better against Boxer than does Fiorina. Compared to the governor’s contest, both candidates have spent relatively little.

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