We’ll have to file this one under “not such a good idea” or maybe “not likely to end well.” After a tumultuous week in the waters off Gaza; Iran wants to make it even more riotous. Is an Iranian Gaza Flotilla escort waiting to accompany the next aid ship into Gaza? If so, don’t expect Israel to take it lying down.

Israel stopped a second flotilla headed for Gaza, this time without incident. They diverted the Irish owned Rachel Corrie to an Israeli port. Soldiers boarded the ship as it tried to breach the blockade of Gaza, the passengers didn’t resist and there was no incident. Nine “activists” were killed in a similar situation this past week when their ship tried to breach the Gaza blockade but retaliated against Israeli forces when they boarded.

So what do we have here? With this second incident, we have proof that Israel would not have used deadly force if they had not been provoked by those on board the Gaza flotilla. Iran now says that it will provide a military escort for more aid ships that want to breach the blockade.

Apologists for the rogue regime will certainly not admit that this is a blatant provocation. An Iranian Gaza flotilla escort is asking for an incident; an incident that will make the first look like a walk in the park. If the Revolutionary Guard Naval force shows up escorting “aid ships”, a major international incident will occur. But perhaps that’s exactly what Iran wants. Now that the world community has an eye on Israel, any little thing will set them against the Jewish state.

It’s doubtful however that an Iran Gaza flotilla escort will materialize. Iran knows full well what would happen to the Revolutionary Guard Naval forces were they to lock horns with Israel’s military. More big talk from the nation vying with North Korea for nation with the most big talk. Tell us what you think. Will an Iran Gaza flotilla escort happen? If so, what will be the outcome?