The photos of birds frozen in oil are in many sad ways a reflection of Obama’s ineffectiveness as president. See the pictures in the links below and tell us what you think in the comments about his leadership during crisis.

bird frozen in oil
(Oiled bird photo)

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can discuss any topic you like on this fine summer day, but I’m choosing to discuss the birds and Obama’s failed leadership during the gulf oil crisis.

You can see the photos of doomed birds all over the internet, for example here and here and here.

It seems an eternity ago that Barack Obama rode a chorus of hope and change into the White House. His candidacy played on the best hopes and aspirations of the American people. We are an optimistic culture which has matured over the centuries to embrace diversity in all forms. Only in America would we take the son of a foreign national and hard-partying mother and make him our president.

He gave a good speech and we listened. We believed that this interesting man could navigate our two wars, make a positive impact on the economy, and above all lead us during crisis. Crisis is when presidents matter the most, and time after time I’m sorry to say that our president has failed us and his office. With a job approval rating sinking to 40%, the American people are disillusioned after only 18 months in office.

In many ways the birds frozen in oil are just that, merely a few birds which happened to be caught by photographers as they fight doomed battles during their last hours of life. But as a symbol of Obama’s leadership during the gulf oil spill crisis, the pictures are so much more powerful.

We are now eight weeks into the BP oil spill fiasco. In the opening days Obama claimed through his spokesman that it was no big deal. Key members of his cabinet went on vacation from river rafting out west to opulent splendor in foreign lands. Obama himself went on vacation not once, but twice. They triumphantly pointed fingers at “big oil” generally and BP specifically while attempting to wash their hands of responsibility.

It was only in the past three weeks that the president’s men realized that a million barrels of oil ruining our precious marshlands mattered a lot to the American people. We are screaming for leadership during the worst environmental catastrophe of our generation, and even though they finally understand our anguish the president still seems impotent and small. His frail frame in a white business shirt on a beach somewhere does not exude the confidence we need now. He seems lost and weak in crisis, preferring wonkish speeches on energy policy to decisive action.

The birds frozen in oil deserve better. The nation deserves better.

Curious as to reader thoughts about this topic or anything else on your minds. Meanwhile see the video of birds doomed by the gulf oil spill.

Photo of bird covered in oil: Mila Zinkova (Wiki)