Surely one of the enlightened “journalists” that occupy a spot in the White House Press Corp (the P is silent Mr. President) would never tolerate racially motivated hate speech directed at a particular group of people, right? Tell that to Helen Thomas. Jews should “Get the hell out of Palestine” according to her. When asked simply to make a comment on Israel this is the nugget of wisdom the 90 year old comes up with.

The dinosaur of the White House Press Corp then talks about the Palestinians being “occupied” and that the Jews should “Get the hell out of Palestine.” When asked where they should go her brilliance shines through again. Helen Thomas wants the Jews to “go home.”

Home to her is Germany or Poland. Never mind that the Jews were a displaced people living all over the world when they “returned” to the country that is now called Israel. Germany and Poland is not their home. The United States is not their home. Israel is their home. The Jews lived in Israel for thousands of years before they were targeted for systematic extinction in Germany and Poland, or home as Helen Thomas puts it.

A couple days ago, Helen Thomas pounded Robert Gibbs because the United States (Obama) had not publically lambasted Israel for the Gaza flotilla incident. She dubbed it a “massacre.” Yes, objective journalism at its finest.

For Helen Thomas, Jews should “Get the hell out of Palestine” is nothing short of anti-Semitism. As Jeff Dunetz points out at Big Journalism, being anti-Israel is one thing. Being anti-Semitic is a totally different ball game. Helen Thomas is clearly playing in the latter.