The tangled web of corruption and deceit perpetrated by the Obama Administration continues to grow. Leocadia Zak, Obama donor, received one of the jobs offered Romanoff in return for not challenging Michael Bennet in the Colorado primary. Sound familiar? It should, we’ve chronicled the Sestak situation here and that story isn’t finished by a long shot.

Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina, an extension of Rahm Emmanuel, contacted Andrew Romanoff and “recommended” to him that he might want to reconsider running for Senate in Colorado. Two months after turning Messina down, Leocadia Zak, Obama donor of $10, 200 was tapped to head the US Trade and Development Agency.

It was also “suggested” to Romanoff that he might want a secretary level job for the United States Agency for International Aid as well as Director of the Office of Democracy and Governance. Romanoff passed on all three positions and now finds himself in the same position of Sestak. Officially, Romanoff says that he was never “offered” the jobs; it was only suggested that he might be interested.

No one denies that Messina spoke with Romanoff and suggested to him that he would better serve the Administration in one of those posts. The White House was certainly interested in Romanoff’s decision as to whether or not he would run for Senate. They are backing Senator Michael Bennet.

Leocadia Zak, Obama donor who helped insure his election, took the post of Director of US Trade and Development Agency after serving as deputy director. Confusing? I think it’s how they intend it to be. Michelle Malkin has a wonderful column at Town Hall that outlines the Obama culture of corruption, also touching on the Blagojevich trial as well that should shed some unwanted light (from Obama’s perspective) on a slew of questionable activities.