This guy is such a liar! President Obama is again spinning and weaving a happy picture despite another dismal month of unemployment numbers. Of the 431,000 ‘non-farm’ jobs allegedly created in May, well below an expected 500,000, only 21,000 were from the private sector. The remainder was all Federal government, mostly census jobs. Nearly every new job created, private and public, were temporary ones. Most of those census workers have already been laid off.

The Department of Labor claims that the national unemployment rate has dropped from 9.8% to 9.7%. Huh? How did that happen? Well statistical Tom-Foolery as usual. They claim that the labor force shrank by some 1.1 million people, long-term unemployed whom have stopped seeking work. Earlier this week, ADP reported some 46,000 jobs created in the private sector, again, mostly temp-jobs.

Obama said that this is sign of the economy recovery and his policies working. Huh? Put down the crack-pipe, Mr. President! Stop lying to us! Just to cover expansion of the population, America must create 100,000 new jobs per month. At best, *IF* you believe the numbers being spoon-fed to us, only 67,000 new jobs were created. That is a net-loss of 33,000. Add to that the latest numbers of those filing for unemployment in the last week of May was 453,000. So, did our rate REALLY drop to 9.7%? I say, “NO!”

For many months now, we keep hearing the same, worn-out song and the same, goofy numbers. They’ve been telling us that 15 Million Americans have been unemployed since last July. Given population expansion, and other REALITIES, I’d guesstimate the actual number of unemployed closer to 17 Million, if not 18 Million. The true unemployment rate is probably closer to 12%, NOT 9.7%. Obama lies! He refuses to own up to the fact that his policies are a disaster. They have failed. We have blown trillions of dollars and have gotten nowhere, except deeper in debt.