Yesterday, Sarah Palin announced on her facebook page that she had decided to endorse Joe Miller, a Fairbanks attorney, who is running against incumbent Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. She stated that she is doing this because Miller is a constitutional conservative who wants to repeal the health care law and opposes abortion. She also said that Murkowski has evolved into ‘being a part of the big government problem in Washington and strayed from the principles they’ve espoused.’

I thought at first that this was just another act in the ongoing Murkowski-Palin feud. She first achieved political prominence, we all recall, when she ran against and defeated Murkowski’s father in the Republican gubernatorial primary when he was the incumbent. This eventually led to Palin’s election as governor and her prominence in national politics. She has claimed that the Murkowski’s is part of the machine politics that Palin has felt has long infested Alaska politics. When she resigned from the governor’s post, rumors were rampant that she intended to challenge Murkowski for the seat herself.

Murkowski has also thrown some daggers in this fight. SarahPAC donated $5,000 in June of 2009 to Murkowski’s campaign to signal her that Sarah did not intend to run against her. A month later, Murkowski publicly criticized Palin’s use of the term ‘death panels’ when opposing the health care plan. She also saw the need to criticize Palin’s decision to resign from the governor’s post.

The Alaska Senate primary is not until August 24, so we’ll have plenty of time to discuss this race. In the meantime, we’ll have a special feature here next week for the Super Tuesday contests. Bring plenty of popcorn.