An international team of six scientists have sealed themselves inside a mock spacecraft in Moscow. For the next 520 days, they will simulate a manned Mars mission. Called Mars500, the scientists from Europe, Russia and China will attempt to gain valuable information on long term space travel. Not included in this experiment are the husband and wife team, Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Despite rumors they themselves started earlier this week about splitting up, the Hills stars simulated divorce was overshadowed by the impending divorce of Al and Tipper Gore.

The scientists will work eight hours per day during the length of the experiment, roughly equal the time a round trip to Mars would take. This could explain why Heidi and Spencer were not allowed to join the others in their self-imposed confinement. A key component of the experiment is to test crew psychology. Needless to say, the addition of Heidi and Spencer Pratt would impact the results greatly, perhaps leading to violence.

Neither Al Gore nor Tipper Gore could be reached for comment on these breaking developments. The Mars500 scientists will simulate the 520 day trip to Mars to every detail, except that electricity, water and air will be provided from outside the ‘space craft’. They will get weekends off so they may stay posted on the latest news of Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Neither star of “The Hills” found it necessary to bash George Bush or Dick Cheney yet this week.