Former Beatle, Paul McCartney appeared at the White House yesterday to receive an award and bash George Bush. President Obama gave the ‘pot’ star the formerly prestigious Gershwin Prize for Popular Song issued by the Library of Congress. McCartney thanked Obama and remarked how, “…it was good that after the last eight years, America had a president who knew what a library was.”

McCartney went on to sing various songs, ending the evening with “Hey Jude” and joined on stage by Obama, his family, Jerry Seinfeld and other sycophants. Other musical guests who performed Beatle songs were Stevie Wonder, and Elvis Costello. The entire farce was taped for public annoyance by PBS. Also in attendance were Faith Hill, the Jonas Brothers and Nancy Pelosi.

Obama did make brief mention of the calamity of the Gulf oil spill, however, still offers no solutions to either the capping nor clean-up efforts. Reports from Louisiana are that hundreds of clean-up workers are now ill. Many may develop cancer while Obama enjoys his martinis and Wagyu steaks sautéed in white truffle butter. As seen in the clip below, Sir Paul McCartney may be a bit brain damaged himself. Perhaps this explains why he felt it necessary to bash George Bush? Neither he, nor Obama, addressed charges by James Carville that “We’re all gonna die down here!”