Barney Frank says he’s ashamed ‘as a Jew’ while he criticizes Israel in the activists flotilla clash of a couple of days ago. Read about it below and see the video of Frank’s remarks.

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U.S. Representative Barney Frank was pretty hard on the Israeli Navy yesterday when he made remarks about Israeli troops raid on a pro-Palestinian flotilla near Gaza. As you know, Israel is attempting to enforce a blockade to prevent arms and material support getting into Gaza from pro-Palestinian groups. Whatever weapons they get will, undoubtedly, be used to kill Jews in Israel. When a group of activists attempted to get through the blockade on May 31st, they were boarded by the Israeli Navy. Nine activists were killed in the melee, causing an uproar around the world.

In spite of video evidence that the activists were chanting anti-Israel chants and attacking the Israelis with weapons, much of the world has chosen to view the activists as ‘innocent’ victims of Israel’s aggression.

Now Barney Frank has entered the fray by calling for an independent inquiry into Gaza raid. In an interview, he went on to say that ‘as a Jew’ he was ashamed of the treatment of Israel towards Arabs in the West Bank settlements. He said he viewed Israel’s treatment of Arabs as ‘victimization of a minority’.

Here is the video as well as below.

Really, Barney? Really? Is that how you honestly see it? Or is that The Party line that is required so you don’t find yourself in the displeasure of The Party?

There is clear video evidence that the activists were the aggressors. Which should not be surprising as that is generally the case when it comes to Israel. As is also generally the case when it comes to Israel is that people are taking sides. Some choose to respectfully disagree while others attempt to provoke.

History is being made these days. Tribes are gathering. The question we have to ask ourselves is where will we stand on the issues of the day. When the history of this time is written, on what side were you when it mattered?

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You can see the Barney Frank ashamed ‘as a Jew’ video below and listen to him in the video as he criticizes Israel in the activists flotilla clash?

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