Yes, President Obama has several ‘nuclear options’ to contemplate concerning BP and the Gulf oil spill. Some options more literal than others! Robot submarines armed with cutting saws slice away at the well’s ‘riser’ pipe, so a cap device may be placed on it to recover most of the discharging crude. While this was going on a mile below the surface, Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in the Gulf region yesterday to declare that criminal and civil investigations would be launched against BP, Transocean and Haliburton for their roles in the disaster. Some folks, like Clintonista Robert Reich, are calling for Obama to seize control of BP now. But perhaps the most intriguing ‘nuclear option’ on the table involves nuclear weapons!

No, we’re not going to send a B-2 bomber and nuke BP headquarters, although I’m sure some people would like that idea. If this latest attempt to stop the oil flow fails, some engineers are suggesting using a nuclear device to blow-out the well. Believe it or not, this method has been used before, by the Soviet Union. In four out of five uses, a small, low-yield device successfully stopped a major oil leak.

The way this scheme works is a new hole is drilled near the existing well until it reaches well inside of solid rock. The nuke is then lowered down. Once exploded, the idea is that the blast will push solid rock deep against well pipe, pinching the pipe and choking off the discharging oil.

The way things are going, it may not sound as crazy as it is. Drilling a relief well to reduce pressure won’t be completed until early August, if that attempt does not get derailed by a hurricane. Already some 125 miles of coast line have been affected by the disaster, including some 35 miles of marsh. Unlike the beaches, which just get polluted, the oil kills the marsh, causing it to disappear. In addition to Louisiana and Alabama, Mississippi and now Florida are facing contamination. There’s no telling yet just how much of the wildlife in the region, particularly the sea beds used by shrimp and oysters are already permanently destroyed. A way of life for tens of thousands, if not millions, of people may be vanishing before our eyes.

Meanwhile, Obama is responding to this crisis the same way he responds to everything. Like a Harvard law professor. The least he could do is appoint somebody in charge who actually knows something about dealing with oil spills. I’m sure there has to be somebody like a Red Adair around who can oversee the situation, maybe even solve it. Instead, the Feds are consulting with film producer James Cameron. I’m sure he knows as much about oil rigs as a pig knows about Sundays. You’d think maybe the Obama administration might give Bush 41 a call, he used to do a little off-shore drilling when he owned Zapata Oil. If nothing else, GHWB might at least know somebody who may be up to the task? We sure aren’t going to get anywhere stuffing the well with law books and court papers!