James O’Keefe first came to national attention with his surprisingly effective video taken where he presented to be a ‘man of leisure’ accompanied by a ‘woman of the night’ at an ACORN office, where he pretended to seek assistance on how to receive government aid. ACORN was a liberal community activist organization which, primarily due to the efforts of O’Keefe, lost its federal contracts and I believe has gone out of business.

O’Keefe followed this action by going undercover as a phone repairman into Senator Mary Landrieu’s offices in New Orleans with a group of assistants under the pretense of checking her telephone lines. Luckily (and pretty cleverly) for O’Keefe, he employed a little known loophole known as the Louisiana Lowdown. What this maneuver entails is if you intend to commit a crime, either have a relative of a powerful government employee or a football player aiding you. That way, prosecutors, judges, and everyone else involved with law enforcement will work together to ensure that you do not have to enjoy our particularly unique prison system. One of his assistants (lackeys) was the son of a Louisiana Federal Attorney. O’Keefe, as expected, pled to a misdemeanor, and received no prison time. I assume that prior to leaving Nawlins, he enjoyed a leisurely beignet at Café Du Monde. Later, showing an appropriate amount of repentance, he went on network television to announce that he would illicitly enter her office again.

Well, now O’Keefe has decided to investigate the Census Bureau using his own idiosyncratic undercover style. He found a number of discrepancies during his two day training sojourn at the Bureau. He attended two days of training, for 16 hours of work. Instead, he was paid for 19.5 hours. At the rate of $18.25 per hour, He thus uncovered, according to my calculations, over $60 in federal government waste. Well, I guess a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first 60 steps. But that isn’t all. O’Keefe also found that government employees took longer than their assigned half-hour for lunch breaks. I’m sort of shocked at this. I always assumed that when I went to a government office at 11:30 and was told that nobody would be available until after 1:00 that the employees were in the back studying manuals to make sure I was supplied with the most current information.

I’m unsure if O’Keefe is taking suggestions on where to go next in his relentless work of ferreting government abuse. If he’s taking suggestions, there is a meter maid here who waits by cars for the meter to run out, then immediately gives them a ticket. I can even present the parking tickets as evidence for his important work.