I know that nobody will agree with this post; I don’t much care.

In an act of immense political bravery, Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner strongly defended Israel’s actions and blamed Turkey and political activists on the ships for the carnage that ensued. I’m unclear at this time if Weiner read this from a press release provided him by Israel, or if he actually had to use his own brainpower to come up with this line of argument. Weiner was clever to be the first in what I’m sure will be a very long line of members of Congress of both parties to prove their fealty to a socialist nation.

It might be nice if AIPAC’s loyal servants might actually show some reticence in sending our nation’s heroes into endless wars against Israel’s neighbors, instead of climbing over each other to name yet another nation we should fight against. It might be nice if they just admit that they care very little how much American blood should be shed to make Israel a tiny bit safer. It might be nice if just once they admitted that Bebe did something wrong, anything. It might be nice if they actually tried to use their leverage to calm things down instead of allowing Bebe to exacerbate regional tensions.

I understand; we have to pay billions of dollars in blackmail to keep them from attacking yet another country. We need to excuse any inhumane act Israel does, else their AIPAC rating might decrease, and their campaign contributions decline. But this is yet another case of elites forcing their will upon the rest of us. Israel’s approval in polls continues to decline secularly. This nation once thought of as a beacon of liberty, is now regarded by a healthy share of Americans as an outlaw apartheid country. Which allies can it count on besides us? Zimbabwe? I understand, nations that condemn Israel are by definition anti-Semitic. Whew, now we don’t have to think about the merits of the case.

Bebe is nothing more than a third grade little twerp bully, who has a big brother who will vanquish all who oppose him. That takes a lot of courage alright – as much courage as Weiner and his cohorts have.