Perhaps fed up with Al Gore after 40 years of marriage, Tipper Gore is filing for a separation from her famous husband. See their wedding photo below and come with us on a nostalgic journey through the life of a politician who despite so much success will be considered a historical failure.

Al Gore divorce
Al Gore, Tipper Gore (Photo)

As such things are done when VIPs and their spouses are involved, rather than throw the spatula at each other a formal email was circulated for public consumption. The separation and any eventual Al Gore divorce to follow is amicable. They said it is “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration.”

One can imagine that living with Al Gore is a living hell. I would say that about all politicians but especially Al Gore. All of them are insanely driven to power, but in Al Gore’s case the 2000 election dispute changed him as a man.

He started acting strangely. He took a teaching job for a spell which was metaphorically a time out from life. The long beard appeared soon after the recount, and then the fat Al Gore emerged as if he was eating every vote and voter. Al Gore became the butt of late night talk show monologues.

The sloppy appearance may have been a telltale sign of termporary mental instability, having lost the presidency by a mere 500 votes because of a poorly designed butterfly ballot in Florida. Ah, what might have been.

Al Gore began to pull himself together after his couple year sabbatical from public life but the obsession with global warming caused many to question his continuing distance from reason. He produced a propaganda movie called An Inconvenient Truth which served only to dumb down the raging debate about global warming science. He sounded academic throughout his global warming odyssey, but the recent debunking of global warming mythology by skeptical scientists may have put him over the edge.

We’ll never know what it is truly like to live with Al Gore, but one can imagine. Don’t forget to see their famous duet video and tell us what you think in the comments.