Everybody wants to belong….to something. But these Texas teens have taken it to a whole other level. Texas teen wolf packs are popping up all over San Antonio High Schools and are creating quite a buzz. Teen werewolves appear to be the latest trend, a mixture of goth and well, something else.

They come complete with tails, eyes, fangs, and even leashes. These teens are proud of their “canine” heritage and they’re not afraid to tell you either. The so called leader of one pack says that “everyone has something else in them”, I suppose he means wolf?

School administrators don’t appear to be alarmed by the Texas teen wolf packs roaming around. They say it’s simply a way for kids who are trying to find out who they are to express themselves. I say it’s a peek into the minds of future democratic voters. But that’s another story.

The teen werewolf craze has probably been set off by recent movies like “Twilight” and “The Wolfman.” I myself was always partial to Michael J. Fox in “Teen Wolf.”; my favorite performance by the actor.

It’s all well and good for young people to express themselves as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, but what happens when the teen werewolf fad fades away? And it will. What happens to Texas teen wolf packs when they hit the real world and their prospective boss tells them they can’t have the job because of their fangs? What happens when reality strikes and someone cuts off their tail? Literally and figuratively.

These are all questions to be answered by the now famous Texas teen wolf packs and their leaders. Teen werewolves seems like a good idea now, but before you know it you’ll be 30 years old wondering “What was I thinking?”