Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a trip to meet with President Obama in light of the deadly Gaza flotilla attack that left several activists dead. Israeli forces boarded flotilla’s bound for Gaza carrying aide to the blockaded Gaza strip.

Soldiers encountered armed protesters and violence which prompted retaliation on the part of Israel. The world community, which is no friend of Israel anyway, has denounced the raids for the most part with anti-Israeli protests springing up all over. The United Nations Security Council plans to meet to “discuss” the events that took place. It’s likely the UN will condemn the attack.

Al-Jazeera is reporting that Israel fired upon the Gaza flotilla’s before boarding, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Israel for the attack. Turkey is the unofficial sponsor of the Gaza flotilla attacked by Israeli forces but those on board were a mixture of different internationals.

Israel had warned the ships not to try and breach the blockade, even offering to transfer the supplies by way of an Israeli port after inspecting the cargo. Israeli soldiers say that the activists on board became violent and some were armed even firing on the soldiers. Five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the raid.

The White House says that they are trying to gather information on the Gaza flotilla attack before making any assumptions about what took place. You can see video of the soldiers boarding the vessel below and the violence that soon takes place.

The Israeli government is warning its citizens not to travel to Turkey as violent outbreaks are likely to take place against Israeli’s. Other countries around the world are taking part in demonstrations decrying the Gaza flotilla attack; from London to Egypt and probably here as well. No matter the facts of this incident, Israel will be seen as the aggressor and the activists as the victims. We’ll keep you updated as more unfolds.