Yes, our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, will not be attending the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. In his place, Vice President Joe Biden will lay the ceremonial wreath, honoring our war dead. This day, May 31, Obama will make a speech at a ceremony Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Taking time out from his busy vacation, just as Obama did Friday when he went to Louisiana to help with BP oil spill efforts by picking up ‘a’ tar ball. The video below sort of reminds me of Bill Clinton’s photo-op at Normandy beach.

Now, in all fairness, I should point out that not all presidents go to these ceremonies at Arlington. The last not to do so was George H.W. Bush, himself a distinguished naval aviator during World War Two. But getting back to Obama’s holiday vacation, it seems that Saturday was amusing. While attending a barbeque in Chicago, at the home of his neighbor and close friend, Marty Nesbitt, an altercation took place. Nesbitt, who lives just around the block from Obama’s Chicago home, lives directly across the street Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan.

That must be some neighborhood! Let’s not forget that ex-Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers, lives nearby, too! Anyway, what happened Saturday was a bus for the press pool parked in front of Farrakhan’s house. A member of his security detail, known as the Fruit of Islam, asked the Secret Service to have the bus moved. The Secret Service did not see it as a big deal while the Farrakhan guard called it a breech of security.

Shortly after that, twelve members of the Fruit of Islam came out. Two would walk about near the White House reporters chanting “Islam”, “Islam”, according to reporter, Jackie Calmes. Additional Secret Service agents arrived, as did more agents of the Fruit of Islam. After about ninety minutes, the show of force stood down and the Nation of Islam security detail withdrew, ending the confrontation. The incident will not change any of Obama’s plans for May 31, Memorial Day.