UPDATE: 5/31/2010 Below

A 40 year old man in England was in court on charges of murder; he is accused of the slayings of three prostitutes in Bradford. Stephen Griffiths, ‘The Crossbow Cannibal’, (self titled) is said to be responsible for the human remains that authorities have found in a river near where the remains of one of the identified victims was found.

Suzanne Blamires, Shelley Armitage and Susan Rushworth have been missing. Blamires body was recovered from the river recently and now English authorities fear that the remains now being found are those of Armitage and Rushworth. Armitage was last seen in March and Rushworth disappeared in June of 2009.

Authorities are not disclosing how the women died, but when asked in court for his name, the reply from Stephen Griffiths, ‘The Crossbow Cannibal’ certainly gives an indication of the horror that may have taken place.

This is not the first time that the red light district of Bradford has been stalked by a serial killer. Peter Sutcliffe, otherwise known as the Yorkshire Ripper, terrorized the town from the mid 70’s until his capture in 1981. He killed 13.

It’s unclear just how many victims that Stephen Griffiths, The Crossbow Cannibal, may be responsible for. Right now there is only one body that has been identified with the remains of two others possible. Stephen Griffiths lived in a small third floor flat just a short distance from the center of Bradford where the remains are being found.

UPDATE: Authorities have found the horrific “instruments” used by Stephen Griffiths, ‘The Crossbow Cannibal.’ Inside a black bag recovered in the river, police found knives and hacksaws presumably used by the serial killer to dismember his victims.