Hurricane Season begins in a couple of days so that means it’s time for the annual doom and gloom predictions from the media and lefties everywhere. Not only are they making their customary forecast of more storms in number and severity; now they say because of the oil spill, a worse hurricane season than ever may occur.

Oil spill

It’s like a double whammy for environmentalists everywhere. June rolls around and big predictions of massive Katrina like storms abound. Of course since Katrina, the United States has been hit by only one significant storm in 2008. Never mind all that though, it’s still fun to get everybody all riled up and worrying about things that they can’t control anyway.

Now the gulf oil spill, which some say is Obama’s Katrina, and finally lefties have a way of blaming humans for a worse hurricane season than usual. We have everything from oil being blown inland and contaminating the land to the black oil actually acting as a “fuel” for the storm, heating up and causing a hurricane to be even more powerful. Didn’t those who study hurricanes actually go to school to learn about it? Just wondering. That last theory sounds completely ludicrous.

Already President Obama is extending the moratorium on off shore drilling; fulfilling a fantasy of leftist environmentalists worldwide. Surely the prospect of the gulf oil spill worsening hurricane season will only intensify their efforts to completely eradicate fossil fuels and their positive effects on all of our lives.

Here’s my prediction, and I didn’t even go to school in order to make it. Whether or not hurricane season is worse, I don’t know. How many storms we’ll have, couldn’t tell you. But I do know that no matter on the previous two, the media and the liberal environmentalist machine will say that we had a worse hurricane season, gulf oil spill the culprit.