If you’re looking for a nice peaceful, relaxing vacation this summer why not try the Che Trail? The dead revolutionary Che Guevera has inspired three countries to work together to set aside an historic route where Guevera was born, fought and died. Argentina, Cuba and Bolivia are working hard as we speak and applying capitalist principles that would most likely make the anti-capitalist roll over in his grave.

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Don’t worry, those of you who are Che Guevera purests. The countries involved say that they are being sensitive to the legacy of Che. Citing the fact that he has already been used by those who want to make money off of his likeness on t-shirts. They’re not doing that at all. This is pure unadulterated Che Guevera worship without all of that nasty capitalism involved to spoil it.

The coordinator of Argentina’s portion of the Che trail says that the journey that the revolutionary took transformed his life. He hopes that those Che trail pilgrims who are fortunate enough to take the journey are transformed as well.

Argentina’s president Christina Fernandez has hung a portrait of Che Guevera in the executive mansion in the gallery of Latin American Patriots. She was given the picture as a gift from the Castro brothers. Latin American Patriots themselves. Fernandez is looking forward to the amount of interest that the Che trail will generate in the former leftist revolutionary. I’m looking forward to that myself. I wonder if it will rival the interest generated in Che Guevera with the election of Barack Obama?