A Minnesota woman gives birth while driving. No, not riding in a moving car, actually driving her Chevy Cobalt. On Wednesday 29 year old Amanda McBride had to rush to the hospital when she began to feel labor pains, she stopped on the way to pick up her husband Joseph at work and rushed to the hospital. Joseph is unable to drive due to a seizure disorder.

While on the way, Amanda’s water broke and the rest is history. Amanda shouted for Joseph to grab the wheel and little Joseph Dominick Phillips simply “slid out.” Amazingly the 29 year old continued to drive the car as she cradled the newborn in her arms while her husband steered the car.

Appreciative of the publicity after many months of the negative variety, Chevrolet called the happy couple and told them they appreciated that the woman giving birth while driving happened to do it in a Chevy. The company is providing Amanda McBride with a year’s supply of diapers, two child safety seats, a stroller and other baby goodies such as bottles and toys.

Amanda McBride, who will forever be known now as the woman who gave birth while driving says that the media attention has been exhausting; the couple has done countless radio and newspaper interviews and has even been contacted by “Good Morning America.” Good luck to little Joseph!