The BP’s oil spill “top kill” procedure, approved by the Coast Guard and momentarily postponed from it’s Wednesday morning schedule, has now, as of 2 pm (ET), begun. BP will be broadcasting the “top kill” live feed.

According to BP CEO Tony Hayward, the procedure, which could take 10 hours to two days before success is known, has a 60-70 percent chance of stopping the leak.

The procedure requires 50,000 barrels of drilling mud that is pumped into a pipe extending 5,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico’s surface. The mud flows through the manifold and eventually to a blowout preventer – a 48-foot valve that sits atop the well – and then into the well.

The drilling mud, heavier than the oil and gas flowing out of the well, is pumped at high pressure to hopefully overcome the outflow so that cement can be pumped in to seal the well.

If it doesn’t work, BP will then use a “junk shot”, which is when materials like pieces of rope and tire and even golf balls are pumped into the well to clog the flow, then followed by additional drilling mud and then eventually cement.

President Obama approves of BP’s plan in the light of heavy criticism from fellow Democrats on how his administration has handled the oil spill with a tardy response and “incompetence.”

BP oil spill “top kill” procedure has started today and will be broadcasting the “top kill” live feed.