As we last left Bettina Viviano, producer of the documentary film, “We Shall Not Be Silent”, Barack Obama became the presidential nominee at the convention in Denver. Despite circulating 100 DVDs showing interviews and other information to delegates, the fix had been in since Iowa. ACORN and others of the Obama campaign machine used every means possible to steal the caucus states and their delegates. As you may recall, it was during the month of February that Obama won some 11 straight caucuses, putting him in the lead over Hillary Clinton. After three days of tense struggles in Denver, Obama obtained enough super-delegates, putting him over the top., and forcing Hillary to concede.

Andy Zarowny (AZ): “So ACORN helped Obama steal the caucuses?”

Bettina Viviano (BV): “Well, we were new to all of this. We did not know until afterwards that it was ACORN. I had never heard of ACORN before in my life! As we went along, we actually did interview some of the ACORN people. We interviewed one of the ‘ACORN-8′, one of the defectors, who was a whistle-blower on ACORN.”

AZ: “What sort of tactics did they use to accomplish this?”

BV: “Verbal threats were a lot of it. Your job, your this, your that. Anybody with a Hillary t-shirt or button, they locked them out. You have to understand how caucuses work. It’s a very lax, very loose, weak system. In fact, they used our film in Austin to outlaw caucuses in Texas because they are so easy to cheat.

“Basically, you sign your name and go to a community center, school, library and you stand on one side of the room. One side for Hillary, one side for Obama. That’s how they pick delegates. As we explain in our film, it starts on a local level and percolates up to the state and federal level. We talked with precinct captains who would get these (sign-in) sheets back once they went to the DNC and were certified. Their own names wouldn’t be on them! We found falsified documents! They would just remove names. They would actually steal whole packets and run off with them! They would threaten to have people’s cars towed, or tell you that your car was being towed and when you ran out, they would lock you out so you couldn’t come back in!

AZ: “Obama had won 13 of the 14 caucus states, only losing Nevada to Hillary?”

BV: I can only tell you by the numbers. If you go to our website,, we have every single bit of it documented, the caucuses, everything. There were two women who independently analyzed every state, every delegate, who got what and estimated how many were taken from Hillary. At the end of it (the primaries) neither Hillary nor Obama had enough to cross the finish line. Hillary had 28 million popular votes. This was the will of the people. She had more popular votes than he did. Statistically, there were 70 to 300 delegates stolen from Hillary and given to Obama.”

AZ: “Has any of this been formally presented to any law enforcement officials? State police chiefs? State attorney generals?”

BV: We have sent the information to the secretaries of state, they are the ones who oversee elections. Unfortunately, most of them are Democrats and have been put in place by George Soros. So you’re not going to get anything out of them. Here’s the thing that is so depressing. We got lawyers and we were trying to find a way to file a suit. The police reports of people who were beat up, cars towed, keyed and vandalized, windows broken if they had Hillary stickers, those police reports were filed and nothing ever happened. As far as the way the Democrat Party conducts itself, it is a private party. They are entitled to make any rules they want. There is absolutely no way to pursue this in the courts.”

AZ: “You said that the secretaries of state were appointed by George Soros? Could you elaborate on that?”

BV: “George Soros is heavily involved in getting the secretaries of states elected, because they are the people who, at the end of the day, count the votes. To investigate voter fraud. So he has a huge organization which he funds to put his people in those positions.”

AZ: “Have you contacted and provided any of this information to any national media outlet? The New York Times? Washington Post? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or Fox News?”

BV: “Every single one of them! We had a publicist. I’m in the film business, I know many of them anyway. What happened was we took this to Denver, where Hillary went through her theatrical, phony step-down, and gave it to Obama. So what happened? Historical event! First black presidential nominee! The news was all about that.

“I got a call from ABC from Anita Vogel. That went nowhere. Then from Hannity and that went nowhere. We would never get a call from MSNBC! They are bought and paid for Obama outlet, thank you, GE! Obama promised them billions of dollars in business, that was even in the newspapers. We tried Lou Dobbs, we tried Glenn Beck. We tried everybody. If you just mention right now that you don’t like the health care bill, you’re called a racist!

“We did talk with John Emshwiller of the Wall Street Journal. He said he would do the story. He had talked with his editor and he said fine. Then he (John Emshwiller) told us he couldn’t do the story because…, they didn’t have enough space! (At this point, I broke out laughing!) No! Seriously! This is a good reason, IF you believe this! Just Texas, because of the 2,000 complaints, would have taken up an entire page. They could not have done a story on all fourteen states. He said his boss was only giving him two column (spaces) to do this. We’ve discussed it at one point with John Fund of the WSJ. I’ve gone on radio shows but we have not gotten the attention of any of the networks, even Fox, and people have tried”

AZ: “Is your DVD available now? How can we get a hold of it?”

BV: “I’m trying to get my partner to cut in a bunch more of the footage. Like I said, Glora Allred, the delegates from Kentucky. We hoped to be finish by November. I’ve talked with Andrew Breitbart, that’s one who is interested in it. He asked about using it for the 2010 elections. It will happen again, and it will be even worse this time, because they are so desperate. They will cheat even more! We are really recommending that people take cameras when they go (to vote), even if just cell phone cameras. Record everything! Be on guard!”

AZ: “Any closing thoughts you wish to say?”

BV: “One of the reasons I’ve never voted before, and it’s no excuse, I really grew up loving this country. My father was in the 82 Airborne in World War Two. Volunteered to jump out of airplanes, wounded in combat, got two Purple Hearts. They would try to send him home and he would go back (to his unit). My whole family is so proud of being American. I just always believed we would always be okay.

“I never thought that it would be my government that I’m terrified of! I am scared to death! They are the enemy of my country! We now have a government that is on the path to literally destroy this country. Without being hyperbolic, he said it, whoever voted for him knew what they were getting. We are five minutes from away from radically transforming this country. Well, he did it. It’s not America. I didn’t think that would ever happen.”

So there you have it. Possibly the biggest political story in American history and the Media is sleeping, in bed with Obama and his criminal lackeys. While others try to distract us with rumors about birth certificates and passports, this is a REAL story with eyewitnesses and a paper trail. It’s real enough to warrant some sort of investigating. I strongly encourage everyone to visit the website, and see the evidence yourself.

I want to thank Bettina Viviano for taking the time to speak with us, and, especially, for having the courage to take a stand on principles. She is absolutely right that this coming election may be the most important in our history as a nation. I agree with her whole-heartedly that voters should arm themselves with cameras and other recording devices when they go to the polls to vote. This is the Age of the Citizen-Journalist, the new Minutemen of our times. If we want honest government, if we want to bring an end to political corruption, it is up to us to grasp the mantle and open the Gates of Truth.