Has America already become a banana republic? Is our current government completely illegitimate? Even illegal? Was wide spread voter fraud orchestrated by ACORN to secure the 2008 Democrat nomination for Barack Obama? Film producer, Bettina Viviano believes so. Her project, “We Will Not Be Silent”, reports by way of numerous interviews and documentation that there may have been massive frauds committed by the Obama campaign, through ACORN and possibly others, to steal the 13 of 14 caucuses which Obama won over Hillary Clinton. Statistically, the two candidates were nearly even in conventional primary states, with Hillary having a slight advantage in delegates and popular votes. So why did the caucus states have such a dramatically different results?

Viviano has been a long-term fixture in the entertainment industry in California. After working for William Morris, she moved on to join Steve Speilberg’s Amblin Entertainment, rising to the position of Vice President of Production. Her film credits include such blockbusters as “Back To The Future 2″ and “3”, “Cape Fear”, “Schindler’s List” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. She moved on to form her own company and is the current president of Viviano-Feldman Entertainment, producing films like “Family Sins”, “Alibi” and “Nightmare Man”. Early in 2008, she was approached by a long-time friend and writer/director and asked for her help in a documentary. Bettina Viviano agreed to be interviewed by myself for RightPundits.com, and has an incredible, and disturbing story to tell.

Andy Zarowny (AZ): How did this film project, “We Will Not Be Silent”, get started?

Bettina Viviano (BV): “What happened was I am also a manager of writers and directors. One of my clients, who was a life long friend and had directed a documentary that she is pretty well known for, was approached by a Congressional investigator, who, I believe, had worked for Hillary during the Clinton administration. She was a Hillary supporter and came to my client and said there was something really bad going on. We would like you to document this, could you do this?

“My client called me and asked me if I wanted to produce this? Why would I want to do that? I’m not a Democrat. I wasn’t much of anything. I was registered as an Independent but I had never voted in my life. Not once! I had never been in a voting booth.

“Anyway, she talked me into it and I thought it might be interesting. We had seen a letter from Mrs. Clinton’s office from an attorney, Lyn Utrecht (dated March 4, 2008) to the DNC about the caucus fraud that was happening. So we began looking into this. We got involved with a bunch of Hillary supporters, ones that were responsible for the petition drive to put Mrs. Clinton back on the ballot in Denver. I got very involved in ‘Hillary World’, her best friends and him (Bill).

“I didn’t really have a ‘dog’ in the race. So we started to get phone calls and information from people in the fourteen caucus states. Texas alone had 2,000 complaints of caucus fraud and a lot of criminal reports to police departments. So we went to Texas. We interviewed and put together all of this proof that ACORN, of course, was committing the most organized fraud I have ever seen in my life. Every state had the same reports, the same stories. Whether it would be personal property violations, threats, intimidations, being locked out of caucus places, missing paperwork, (like the) sign-in sheets. They had it down to a science. They had to have been planning this for a long time. Every single state had the same thing going on.

“So we thought, very naively, that we’ll just film this, show everyone and Hillary will get the nomination she deserves. The people we were reporting this to were all involved in the DNC. We took 100 DVDs to Denver and showed that this was fraud. They would have to give it (the nomination) to Hillary because she legally won (it).”

AZ: Was any of this presented in the meeting prior to Denver when the DNC resolved the Michigan and Florida primary situations?”

BV: “I’d have to go back and check. We were not there but we had been working on this before and through that. We had six weeks to do this film before Denver. My partner and I took $20,000 of our own money, bought cameras, hired editors. What you’ve seen (on the Internet) is not all we have that we did, but it was just to go to the Democrat Convention in Denver. We took 100 DVDs, I didn’t go, had I broken my foot and was in a cast. My partners were all Democrats, every single one of them and now they’re not. They would rather kill themselves before voting for a Democrat. They will never vote for a Democrat ever again after what was done to them.

“Everybody saw what was going on. People were heart-broken. We had a publicist, we had a theater that screened it. I was on the phone with them everyday. These are people who had been to every convention since being of voting age. They were telling me that the air was so depressing, you could just feel the tension between the Clintons and the Obamas. They were fighting for three straight days about this phony thing of Hillary stepping down. It was all staged. It was a lie, all of it. Orchestrated theatrics.

“They knew what was happening. That the delegates, the super-delegates, were all being threatened. We have one black delegate from Kentucky, a 21 year old kid, who would not change his vote. He refused to change his vote from Hillary to Obama and they basically threatened to kill him. We heard these things repeatedly. We heard from (a member of Congress) [the name has been withheld] that there was so much fraud in the California primary that we looked like a banana republic. We tried to get him to say it on camera, but he wouldn’t. Gloria Allred is in our film. She admits the thing was completely fraudulent. But typical Democrats would say, “Yeah, yeah, but we still have to get a Democrat in there, no matter what.” “Yeah, (we) know Hillary got her butt handed to her and this was a fraudulent primary, but who cares?” It was so unprincipled to me. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.”

This ends Part 1. In Part 2, Bettina Viviano provides us with details on how ACORN had stolen the caucus states for Barack Obama in the 2008 elections. She also will tell us what reactions her team got from public officials, and the Media, when shown the evidence. You may view some of their material yourself at their website: www.weshallnotbesilent.com The video is compelling and will leave you wondering just how free we truly are as a nation. This is undoubtedly the largest political scandal in our history, and the government, and Media, are trying their best to hide it from you, the American people.