No matter where they go, no matter where they’re from, democrats are always democrats. To shore up a $19 billion dollar gap in the budget, California democrats unveiled a tax increase package. Shocking, I know. California democrats put their heads together and came up with over $5 billion in tax increases for the residents of the golden state.

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Among the taxes to be increased, vehicle registration fees, alcoholic beverage taxes will be raised and of course corporate tax breaks will be put on hold. Liberal Democrats never plan to cut spending in such cases, just simply raise taxes on you and me. I don’t live in California, but I do live in a state controlled by democrats who have the same mentality. Budget shortfall=tax increases.

Surprisingly Governor Swarzenegger hasn’t gone along with the California Democrats tax increase package. He had actually proposed spending cuts and getting rid of California’s welfare system. That proposal went over like a ton of bricks with democrats.

One small ray of hope for California residents is that democrats don’t have enough votes on their own to pass tax measures. They will need the help of the California GOP to see their tax increase package passed. But this is after all California, so that may not matter much.

You can read more about the California Democrats tax increase package here. You know, the one that will save California and the world.