Ah-Oogah! Ah-Oogah! Dive! Dive! We have another fun day in the world as global markets plunge again. Today, it’s hard to find any good news. Asian markets began to tank over reports that North Korea has put it’s military on full alert. South Korea is suspending all trade with their neighbors. As we move westward to Europe, the IMF is scolding Spain today. They want the Spaniards to slash government employee pay and benefits, cut spending and put their house in order. Across the Atlantic, Jamaica is now in it’s third day of violent unrest as police battle with drug lords. In America, housing prices are still declining. Unemployment still rising. Oil still spilling. In Washington, the same bunch of idiots who ruined our government and our economy, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, will be heading the joint committee to resolve differences in the House and Senate versions of financial reform (more like DEFORM) bills.

Even the new “Shrek” movie fell short of opening week expectations. I knew I should have shorted it! I’ll bet George Soros did! Seriously, there is no good news anywhere. Today is one of those where if you can, just crawl back into bed and wait till tomorrow. What’s really bad is we cannot even blame it all on a Mercury retrograde!

Dr. Timothy Leary, psychedelic guru from the 1960s, once wrote a very interesting essay for the book, “Living In Space” by Dr. Gerald O’Neil. O’Neil was an advocate behind the old L-5 space colony idea. Leary’s article was about what he called “geopolitical-psychology”. The idea was that the further west one travels, the freer one finds the inhabitants. Leary wrote that after California, one probably wouldn’t find any freer-thinking people until a band of intrepid adventurers begin to colonize space.

Perhaps what we are seeing now is the advance of a geopolitical-economic tsunami? After the fall of the Soviet Union, a dramatic reconfiguring of global markets took place. The first to feel the pain was Japan. Then the ‘Asian Contagion’ made it’s way around the world. Now Europe and America are finally feeling the burdens of nearly a century of over-spending and fiat currency.

Some want to think that this is all deliberate, part of the Liberal-Progressive-Socialist game plan to impose totalitarian rule. Me, I’m more confident that ‘Good’ will triumph in the end. Liberal-Progressive-Socialists like Barack Obama haven’t been right about anything since they started their spiel back in the early 19th Century. So I do not see them being right in thinking they will benefit from a total collapse of the our political-economic system. Beside, ‘WE” outnumber ‘THEM’! By ‘WE’, I mean all of us God-fearing, gun-owning Americans who still believe in the Constitution. Who understand that the less, the weaker the central government is, the better the free market and individual liberty will be.

Needless to say. I’m enjoying myself today, watching the markets tank. Elmer Pendell has been vindicated! We’re just a few more events away from the Great Awakening! Just before that will be the Great Reckoning. Once the dust settles and those responsible for the human misery and dependence have met history, the rest of us will plow forward, reaching for the stars…! So tank away, Global markets! Dive! Dive!