I probably shouldn’t criticize, coming from a state that has provided the nation with such luminaries as Mayor Nagin, who hid in the penthouse of a hotel while his city floated away, Governor Blanco, who proved completely inept during the same catastrophe, let alone the whole Long clan, whose era has become infamous on stage and screen. We also have two silly senators, one of whose solution to the BP crisis was to give Louisiana a bucket-load of cash; the other is David Vitter, who apparently enjoyed wearing a diaper while carousing with women of the night.

But we pride ourselves in the fact that in most areas of education or income, we rank in the bottom two or three (thanks, Mississippi). When the feds tried to increase the rate of students graduating from high school, we virtually eliminated any grammar or math components. So there, federales. But, Connecticut, you have one of the highest college attendance rates, of college graduates, of literacy in the nation. And yet you insist on electing clowns to the Senate.

And now, you’ve surpassed yourself. I figured when Dodd left, just by regression to the mean, you’d have to improve. Gee, not only have the big banks allegedly owned him for years, he even chose to move himself and his family out of state for a year in the middle of his term. So what happened at the two party conventions last week, little written about in the midst of the electoral upheaval on Tuesday? The Democrats chose a congenital ‘misrepresenter’, Richard Blumenthal, who not only faked serving in Vietnam for over 30 years, but somehow thought doing a doggie paddle in a kiddie pool was the equivalent of being captain of his Harvard swim team. The Republicans countered by picking Linda McMahon, whose pre-electoral experience was as an impresario for WWE where she primarily smashed folding chairs upside the heads of steroid driven behemoths.

We tell our kids that they should vote since elections have consequences. What will you tell your kids, Connecticut?