To say that there is tension on the Korean Peninsula would be the understatement of the century; after investigators have determined that North Korea was indeed responsible for the sinking of a South Korean warship and the death of 46, are we looking at the beginning of the inevitable North Korean war? Obama has ordered the US military to be ready to deal with aggression by the North.

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Both the United States and South Korea announced that they will hold joint exercises off the coast of the peninsula in a show of unity and force. President Obama has asked that our policy toward North Korea be “reviewed.” In light of a possible North Korean war which would have been started by Kim Jong Il, it seems that more than a review is necessary.

Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General is even flexing the somewhat muted muscle of the United Nations saying that he expects the UN Security Council to “take action” against the rogue regime.

An all out North Korean war has been coming for a while; it seems closer than ever now. Unfortunately for South Korea, I’m not sure that the current Administration has the resolve or the will to engage Pyongyang in all out war. Obama’s a tough talker (sometimes), but hasn’t shown that he will deal harshly with the likes of North Korea.

What will Obama ultimately do in relation to a possible North Korean war? Obama didn’t bargain for this when he signed up for the job, everyone including Kim Jong Il was supposed to be in love with him by now. Actions by North Korea and other rogue regimes prove what we have always knew, Obama and the democrats are weak when it comes to national defense, that hasn’t changed.

The United States still has some 30,000 troops in the demilitarized zone on the Korean peninsula.