Rep. Nikki Haley lives by strong conservative principles, she’s attractive, young, and she’s been endorsed by another who fits that mold. Now allegations of a Nikki Haley affair have surfaced conveniently after Rasmussen reports that Haley has taken the lead in South Carolina’s gubernatorial campaign. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to have predicted such an allegation would surface.

I previously posted here that Sarah Palin, along with Mitt Romney, endorsed Nikki Haley for Governor. At the time Haley was running about third in the polls, I also predicted that Palin’s endorsement would put the Haley campaingn over the top. It has, according to Rasmussen and others Haley now enjoys a sizeable lead just two weeks ahead of the SC primary.

Unfortunately for the establishment, that can’t stand. A blogger named Will Folks, also a former spokesperson for Governor Mark Sanford, has leveled a charge of infidelity against Nikki Haley. He says that he and Nikki Haley had an inappropriate physical relationship before he was married. She denies the allegations wholeheartedly.

A Nikki Haley affair allegation doesn’t come as a shock. As a matter of fact it should have been expected. Haley herself said today that she expected something like this to happen. Folks, for his part claims the affair and now conveniently refuses to answer questions or speak about the allegations any further.

You can read some interesting tidbits about Will Folks here at National Review or you can read the post at his [Folks] blog in which he claims the Nikki Haley affair. As for Haley she maintains that she has been faithful to her husband of 13 years and is more determined than ever to “give the people their government back.” Barring any unforseen revelations in the Nikki Haley affair story I’ll still be supporting her for South Carolina governor.