Five weeks have now passed since the Deep Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico began leaking oil. After a fire and sinking of the rig used by BP to tap into oil a mile deep in the sea bed, we learned that it took at least nine days before the Obama administration took the event seriously. In fact, we’re now finding out that some government officials may have known about safety issues on the rig long before the fire. This weekend, former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, who knows way more about the oil industry than Barack Obama, fired off another volley of criticism on the Media’s free ride to Obama, and his being the Number One individual recipient of BP campaign contributions in the past 20 years!

With oil now entering Atlantic currents and threatening to spread along the entire Eastern seaboard, the Main Stream Media and Leftist environmental groups are still giving the Obama administration a pass. You’d think that the Media would be getting irritated by now with Obama’s lack of open press conferences (last one was in July ’09) and the use by the White House of it’s own private news division to interview Elena Kagan. Not the first time the Obama administration has done that, either.

Can you image what sort of mass outrage there would be if all of this happened while George W. Bush were still president? A few voices in the MSM and the Far Left have taken Obama to task on his continuation of the Patriot Act. Cindy Sheehan is still around complaining about Obama and his war efforts. But for the most part, Obama remains ‘clean’ of any fault.

Sarah Palin is one of the few opposing voices even in the Republican Party. While she supports domestic oil drilling, she accurately points out that we have plenty of options which are far safer than doing deep water, distant off shore drilling. White House shill, Robert Gibbs, tried to dismiss her arguments, but he seems to have forgotten her personal experience with the oil industry, not to mention that her husband is ‘rough-neck’ himself.

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, is trying to get a new barrier deployed to protect his state’s shoreline, but is meeting opposition from the Obama administration. The EPA is demanding that an environmental impact statement be filed first. I suppose they haven’t considered the impact on the environment if the barrier is not deployed! Already, some 50 miles of coastal wetlands have been contaminated. Maybe when the whole Gulf coast is soaked in oil, the EPA will take some action?

This disaster has longer term implications than the Katrina Hurricane, and Obama is doing nothing about it. Where is the outrage? When will the ‘true believers’ stand up for their causes? Obama has had five weeks to act and has failed to do so. Sarah Palin is absolutely correct in her criticism of Obama’s handling of this crisis. Of course, what real crisis has he acted on yet? The border with Mexico is a war-zone. Our economy is in shreds. Terrorists are more active now than ever before. We’re losing credibility around the world. All Obama has to show for his first 17 months in office is a massive government take-over of health care after ginning up a phony crisis on that. And now the Gulf oil spill. Maybe when tar balls start floating ashore on the Potomac River, Obama will spare a few moments to deal with the crisis? Don’t hold your breath!