Governor Jan Brewer continues to outclass those who would seek her political demise. Since signing the new Arizona Immigration Law, Brewer has been under constant fire, she refuses to back down; now a new Arizona Immigration frog video points out that sometimes the simplest of answers are what’s needed for the most complex of questions. You can watch the video below.

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Brewer has employed the help of a frog puppet who sounds very similar to our old friend Kermit. This frog, which is nameless, treats those who would oppose the bill exactly like their actions demand they be treated, like three year olds. Brewer’s frog has a simple message, “reading is super swell.” This message of course aimed at Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and any other Obama messenger who is dead set against the Arizona bill without having actually read the bill.

The Arizona Immigration frog video is a brilliant response featuring a virtuoso performer to the continued railing from the left against a bill designed to help fix a problem that the federal government refuses to address. Obama, Holder, Napolitano, and now you can add President Felipe Calderon to the mix; refuse to honestly debate the bill on its merits. They seem hell bent on making this an issue of race, which is what the left does best.

Jan Brewer’s frog video clearly shows that the “complex” question about whether or not the Arizona Immigration law is racist or promotes racial profiling isn’t very “complex” at all. It’s a matter of reading. “Reading is super swell.” If you “think” you have a problem with Arizona’s Immigration law, read it to be sure. I ask one quick question. If the bill did promote racism or racial profiling why would Brewer and Arizona implore you and others to read it?

This is an issue we’ve written extensively about here and discussed until we’re blue in the face but it isn’t going away so let’s discuss it some more. Check out the Arizona Immigration frog video below, and be honest, it’s pretty brilliant.