What happens when you give your 18 month old a smoke? He gets addicted. At least that’s what the father of two year old Ardi Rizal, smoking toddler in Indonesia, says with a shrug. The smoking toddler addicted to tobacco was given his first cigarette by his father when he was just a baby and now he throws tantrums if his parents refuse to let him light up.

When asked about the health risks to his son, Ardi’s father said, “I’m not worried about his health, he looks healthy.” I’m not here to cast stones but the kid looks a little overweight as well. You can see his picture here.

Ardi Rizal lives in a small fishing village in South Sumatra where smoking by the very young is not all that uncommon. A UK Daily Mail article says that 25% of Indonesian children ages 3 to 15 have tried a smoke.

It appears that Ardi Rizal, smoking toddler, isn’t the only youngster to become addicted; but he may be the youngest. Advocates against children smoking have been speaking out about the dangers of second hand smoke to children, but I’m guessing those arguments fall on deaf ears when you’re talking about people who willingly allow their two year old to smoke.

Why stop there? Go ahead and give the smoking toddler, addicted to cigarettes, a brew while you’re at it.