Meet Ashley Johnson, the North Carolina waitress & firebrand who griped about a $5 tip on the Facebook social networking site. In the current economy there are many-a fired waitress. A tip gripe aired publicly, however, is no way to exit your employment situation gracefully.

fired waitress tip gripe

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you are welcome to discuss this topic or any other today, but I am talking about the fiery Ms. Johnson, who veteran TV watchers might mistake for an actress on the TV series Alice.

According to media reports in her native state of North Carolina, she is the ex-employee of a fine eating establishment named Brixx Pizza. They strive to please their customers in their eighteen stores in three states, in which according to their Facebook page, each is a “fun, friendly neighborhood restaurant that serves the best brick-oven pizzas around!” See the video below lest you have any remaining doubts.

Just last week Ashley Johnson apparently had to endure a young couple sitting there half the night, chatting each other up and looking goo goo eyes into each other, as only true love can accommodate with a straight face. When they finally departed an hour after closing, she was seething about a microscopic tip left by the customers.

Such poor pay for her valuable time led Ms. Johnson straight to the world wide web, notably her Facebook page where she skewered the poor couple while naming her restaurant at the same time. Although short and certainly not sweet, her entry will go down in the annals of Facebook history:

“Thanks for eating at Brixx, you cheap piece of [expletive deleted] camper.” Oh they have such wonderfully colorful names for people in the south.

That break with corporate decorum turned her two days later from an employed waitress to a fired waitress. Tip grip all you want, dear readers, but suffer the consequences as our heroine Ashley Johnson has discovered a bit too late.

Any thoughts on this story or anything else going on in your busy lives?