This isn’t too big of a shocker, and may not even be worth talking about. Governor Charlie Crist has endorsed Elena Kagan. Crist really likes to shock us doesn’t he? Speaking with the Miami Herald the former Republican said that Kagan would be great and would do a good job.

Charlie Crist cropped

Funny how things change, I guess Crist feels it necessary to coddle a little bit closer to the left since he really doesn’t have those pesky Republican voters to worry about. Back when his buddy Obama nominated Sonya Sotamayor, Crist disapproved (at least publically) with the pick. He still had Marco Rubio to deal with in the primary, now it’s full steam ahead with trying to pull votes from the left.

Crist was asked what he thought about Kagan:

“A lot. I think she’d do a great job,” Crist said. He also added: “Isn’t that fun.”

Isn’t that fun? What exactly does that mean? Anyway, Crist continues to shock no one while pretending to be a spontaneous politician. Charlie Crist’s Kagan endorsement isn’t the only “shocking” thing going on with Charlie. There are also rumors that Mike Bloomberg may endorse Crist in his independent bid for Senate. Another shocker I know.

Let’s talk about Charlie Crist’s Kagan endorsement, the prospect of a Bloomberg endorsement of Crist or if you like we could just chat about how ridiculously predictable politicians of all stripes are becoming.