On Sunday, May 16th, fourteen buses carrying around 500 members of the Service Employee International Union, SEIU, entered a quite residential neighborhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. They stopped and proceeded to demonstrate at the home of Greg Baer, a deputy general counsel for Bank of America. Shouts of, “Bank of America… Bad for America!” and other chants begun. Mr. Baer was not home to greet the mob of union thugs, he was watching his youngest son play in a Little League baseball game. But Baer’s 14 year old son was home. Terrorized by the mob outside, afraid for his life, the teenager locked himself in a bathroom and called his father using a cell phone.

Baer was already in route home when he received the call. Fearful for both of his sons, he first called the police for help. However, the police decided that any intervention on their part may make matters worse. Baer was left on his own. Making a difficult decision, he parked his car around the corner of the block, left his youngest alone, and walked to his house. Baer managed to convince the mob to permit him to check on his teenage son, and rescued him. Baer returned to the car and left with both sons to seek safety. After a while, the SEIU thugs boarded their buses and moved on to the home of Peter Scher, an executive for JP Morgan.

There was no media coverage, other than a blogger from the Huffington Post, who portrayed the event favorably, and Fortune Magazine writer, Nina Easton, who happens to be a neighbor of the Baers. In fact, she had called the son, Jack, to make sure he was all right until his father arrived. Easton wrote an article which appeared on May 19, and since then has been attacked by SEIU, Huffington Post, Media Matters and the rest of the Far Left Machinery.

One should point out that Mr. Greg Baer is in fact a life-long Democrat. He served in the Treasury Department during the Clinton Administration. Baer’s wife, Shirley Sagawa, authored a Left-leaning book, “The American Way To Change” and was an advisor to Hillary Clinton. I wonder if this incident will force them to reconsider their political views?

Back when the Wall Street Crash and Bailouts began in 2008, ACORN and SEIU organized similar assaults at the homes of AIG executives in Connecticut. With the vote yesterday in the U.S. Senate which passed the Democrat financial reform bill (with only three Republicans: Snow, Grassley and newcomer Scott Brown), was this a staged event for the Senate’s consumption? Or could it be because SEIU is trying to union bank employees? Or because SEIU owes Bank of America $4 Million dollars? Is the union playing for selfish reasons rather than public ones?

Any way you slice it, SEIU should be ashamed of themselves for terrorizing a 14 year boy, even if he is the son of Greg Baer, a general counsel for Bank of America. The Service Employees International Union has no business protesting the private home, on private property, in a clearly residential neighborhood. Demonstrating on a public sidewalk in front of a corporate office building is one thing, this action last Sunday was a shameless disgrace. The absence of the Media, other than Easton at Fortune and, of course, Fox News, from reporting objectively on this story is also a tragedy. If SEIU can get away with this, as they apparently have, what will they do next???