Glen Beck’s Weinerfacts site prompts Where’s Weiner Webcam

The talk of Washington this week is not the budget crisis or BP oil spill, but rather the website created by conservative host Glen Beck. The website rather comically titled Weiner Facts has managed to embarrass New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, and quite possibly it seems, silence him.

Weiner facts

Weiner has thus far had nothing to say about the broadside, all done in response to a far too personal vendetta that the congressman has leveled against Beck and his sponsors, chiefly the gold trading company Goldline. The Weiner-facts site is a mixture of rebuttal and amusement, all delivered with Beck’s trademark sharp wit.

Glen Beck’s weiner facts site has been effective at deflecting Weiner’s charges, as one can discover for herself by visiting this strange place.

But what is surprising is that the congressman with a gift for chattiness has made no press statement or other response publicly so far. The last entry on Weiner’s official website, unsurprisingly about Goldline itself, was fully two days ago. Meanwhile Glen Beck’s website makes it perfectly clear that the Weiner Facts website will go on unabated, and thus far unchallenged by the subject of ridicule himself.

Clearly pressure is mounting for a response to the point where our readers are beginning to reasonably ask, Where’s Weiner? Our editors mailbox makes it quite clear that no single issue is of greater interest to Right Pundits readers. They, along with millions of average Americans are asking where is Congressman Anthony Weiner and what does he have to say about his Weiner Facts site?

Hence Right Pundits is announcing the World-Wide Where’s Weiner Webcam as a public service. This live cam feed is conveniently placed at Pennsylvania Ave, 2nd St & Independence Ave, right at Capitol Hill where Weiner goes about doing the people’s business. If we are lucky, you will be able to spot Weiner several times each day scurrying to and fro for important votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, rushing to meetings with constituents like you, and occasionally breaking for a well-earned late-night meal.

Where’s Weiner Webcam Live!

Representative Weiner is encouraged to stand at this public street corner to respond to the challenge presented by the Wiener Facts website. At least give the public a wave, or some sign that a response to Glen Beck is forthcoming.

We also invite readers to submit an entry to the Where’s Weiner photoshop contest via email entry or comment entry. Lucky winners will be announced next week, a brand new Weiner fact in the making.