Some Michigan seniors are going to meet the President at graduation. But first, he wants to see their papers.

President Obama’s security is asking for Kalamazoo students citizenship status before their commencement ceremony, along with their birthdates and Social Security numbers. The article, linked on Drudge today, has many online commenters wondering why the security measure, perfectly expected and acceptable for the safety of the President, has been criticized by that same President when necessary for the safety of Arizona citizens.

“So it’s ok to force us to show our papers to do a background check in order to keep the President safe……but when it’s to keep the rest of us peasants safe, it’s racist?” said a commenter on

Another commenter said, “By all means, keep the President safe. Just allow the citizens of Arizona to do the same for themselves. The President is a hypocrite on this issue and is playing politics with the safety of the people of Arizona.”

The Kalamazoo seniors won a national video competition to have Obama as their graduation speaker. But before the ceremony happens, each student is required to submit all requested information, including their citizenship status.

The news comes after a US visit by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, a recipient of billions of American taxpayer money for foreign aid, spent his time in the states as a guest by criticizing the Arizona Illegal Immigration Law and getting a standing ovation for his criticism by Democrats in Congress. (video below)

Despite the Democrats applauding a foreign leader targeting and criticizing an American state, the majority of Americans – 69 percent – support the Arizona illegal immigration law, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Calderon, himself, supports identifying and deporting illegal immigrants, and with a far harsher inspection and punishment, but only when they are in his country.

Michelle Malkin reports on the treatment of foreigners in Mexico:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has accused Arizona of opening the door “to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.” But Arizona has nothing on Mexico when it comes to cracking down on illegal aliens. While open-borders activists decry new enforcement measures signed into law in “Nazi-zona” last week, they remain deaf, dumb or willfully blind to the unapologetically restrictionist policies of our neighbors to the south.

Within their law, what Malkin identifies as “Mexico’s Ley General de Población (General Law of the Population)”, enforcing immigration laws aren’t only the duty of all law enforcement personnel on all levels, per national mandate, but native-born Mexicans are expected to police the area, too, with citizen’s arrests.

And how do they know if someone is in their country illegally? Because all tourists and visitors are required to carry a citizens’ identity card at all times. Went out for ice cream and forgot it? (A favorite illustrated scenario by Obama) Well, bummer. You shouldn’t have done that. You’ll likely be arrested.

And what are those immigration laws every police officer in Mexico on every level, including the military, are required to enforce? Well…first, to get in, there are a few requirements. Nothing too taxing. Just a few trifle stipulations.


– You must enhance Mexico’s “economic or national interests”, like with a sparkling smile, winning personality, or money.

– You can be denied entrance if you upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” If they don’t want anymore pale faces, for example, don’t think of it as racial profiling. Think of it as preferring others that don’t look like you.

– To gain entrance into the magical world of Narnia, all you had to do was turn a knob in a coat closet. To get into Mexico, you must be both physically and mentally healthy. The “tired masses”? Yeah, they don’t want those.

– If you are a criminal, forget it. They don’t need anymore of those. You are not allowed in. You must have a clean criminal history.

– Before you are allowed in, you must be economically self-sufficient. If you are coming to Mexico looking for a better life, you better be coming with a pretty darn good life already in tact. They require a bank statement to prove your economically stable to buy that tamale.

– Bring a box of band-aids. Maybe some antiseptic, too. There is no free health care. In fact, you must prove – back to that bank statement again – that you can pay for your health care before you’re allowed to enter Mexico and possibly stub your toe.

– You finally made it in and want to participate in a political speech. Not going to happen, ombre. Noncitizens cannot “in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.” And don’t get any ideas about participating in investment companies, education, mining, various other industries, or owning land (there are restrictions and limits). You aren’t treated equally to natural-born citizens and they won’t ever let you forget it.

– And for those who enter illegally, woe unto you. They don’t like you much there. They certainly won’t allow you to hold parades and marches. Forget mowing lawns. Illegal immigration in Mexico is a felony and can land you in the Mexican slammer for two years, as can document fraud, marriage fraud, evading deportation, reentering after deportation (10-year prison sentence). If you want to plead your case, talk fast while they throw you back over the fence.

A Malkin explains:

Foreigners may be kicked out of the country without due process and the endless bites at the litigation apple that illegal aliens are afforded in our country (see, for example, President Obama’s illegal alien aunt — a fugitive from deportation for eight years who is awaiting a second decision on her previously rejected asylum claim).

Malkin has more.

Yet with the “unwelcome” mat toward immigrants in his own country, Mexican President Felipe Calderon comes to America and lectures the US on immigration policy. The Democrats in Congress respond by cheering him on, Obama responds by agreeing with him.

But the President can rest easy. The Kalamazoo students citizenship status will be checked and verified long before the graduation ceremony planned for 7 pm, June 7. Perhaps it will give him another opportunity to talk about Arizona asking those ice cream eating citizens for their “papers”.