Much speculation and pontificating is going on in regards to last night’s primaries in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Some pundits say one thing while another group looks at it from the opposite perspective. One thing is for sure, Obama’s political capital is slipping by the minute. Obama’s coattails have hurt his party’s cause since coming into office. Heck, even Gordon Brown bit the dust.

President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Regardless of what media spinsters say, Obama’s coattails had a negative effect in Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania and Arkansas. And of course let’s not forget Rand Paul’s decisive win in Kentucky. Who would have believed that the son of Ron Paul could beat an establishment Republican for US Senate? Not without the Tea Party, and not without Barack Obama; because without Obama there is no Tea Party.

Senators Arlen Specter and Blanche Lincoln are the latest high profile victims to Obama’s coattails; Lincoln purely for her vote on healthcare and Specter for a myriad of reasons. They learned the hard way what dems in the previously mentioned states should have warned them about; Obama’s political capital won’t pull you out of the fire.

Specter would have been better off staying in the Republican Party and going down to defeat in the primary with a modicum of respect. Instead he hitched his wagon to the Obama star that is fading fast. He switches to the Democratic Party (with a little coaxing from Obama I’m sure) and now he goes down as the turncoat that he truly is, Obama returning the favor, abandoning the abandoner when sure defeat was inevitable.

The bottom line is this; Obama’s political capital after his election was spent fast and furious on his radical left-wing agenda and now there’s nothing left for the dems who supported him. The only hope for democrats this fall is to avoid Obama’s coattails at all cost. Although at this point it’s probably too late.