Chicago Chef Rick Bayless was so excited about going to the White House, cooking the state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and making a reportedly appetizing 28-ingredient sauce with an unappetizing name – the Oaxacan mole.

So excited, he tweeted about it. The White House, so transparent they are allowing one pool reporter to see the East Room “for a few minutes” and the South Lawn tent for desserts and entertainment “for a few minutes”, nipped it in the green ceviche with cucumber.

A report from Lynn Sweeet at the Sun-Times’ said the White House shut the chef’s lips. No more tweeting.

Sweet said the White House put a lid on the chatter, saying the kitchen is for cooking, not Tweeting.

Back to the stove, serf!

There is no tweeting from the White House kitchen. But Bayless wasn’t tweeting from the kitchen, a fact he corrected – via Twitter, oddly enough – that Sweet reportedly got wrong. He was tweeting while arriving and leaving.

11:59 A.M. May 17: “Just arrived in DC. Headed to White House kitchens. I have to say: I’m a little nervous…”

8:46 P.M. May 17: “The White House staff could not be nicer&more professional! Most worried about ingredients, but all will b here 4 big day! Super excited”

24 hours later May 18: “Thanks 2 the 100s of well wishers! Ready 4 day 2 n rather small White House kitchen.Chef was challenged by some ingred,but last arrive 2day”

The White House moved to end the tweets reportedly to “downplay the glamor aspect” of the dinner due to the “tough economic times.”

The Obama’s tight grasp on the purse strings and sensitivity to the “tough economic times” is why Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, launched an inquiry last year into the White House’s nearly nightly lavish parties, hosting high profile entertainers and friends, and how much is was costing the taxpayers during these “tough economic times”.

“Barack and Michelle Obama have been throwing taxpayer funded parties nearly every night with their ‘friends’ and supporters, with Michelle Obama even exhorting them not to ‘break’ White House property,” Klayman’s announcement said.
“This party atmosphere sends the wrong message to the American people. As the Obama-Clinton crowd party on, the American people are suffering greatly,” Klayman said.
“It was right to criticize corporate execs for using taxpayer bailout money on bonuses and corporate junkets. In the face of this criticism, it is an outrage for Barack and Michelle Obama to party on, as Rome burns. It’s like throwing a party at a funeral,” he said.

Rick Bayless owns and runs Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, a Chicago restaurant featuring contemporary Mexican cuisine which is a favorite of the Obamas.