Nobody likes stepping in dog poop; especially somebody else’s dog poop. DNA testing could be used in an upscale Baltimore condo complex to find out whose pooch has been leaving presents for unsuspecting neighbors to find. Residents of Scarlett Place Condominiums would have to fork out $50 dollars per dog plus $10 per month (which is the going rate these days for scooping up dog poop.)

The condo staff would then send the samples of dog poop to a lab in Tennessee for DNA testing; when the dog is found out, the owner will face a $500 dollar fine for not scooping the poop. Scarlett Place board member Steven Frans came up with the dog poop DNA idea.

Mr. Frans is disappointed with living in an upscale condo, paying exorbitant monthly fees and still having to dodge obstacles when his friends come over. He wouldn’t like it at my house; I’ve got landmines all over the front yard thanks to Jack.

Some residents recommended placing security cameras around to spy on unsuspecting canines as they “enjoyed” themselves in the grass; others felt like it wouldn’t be fair for non-dog owners to pay for the cameras so Frans came up with the dog poop DNA idea.

Dog poop DNA. We’ve reached a new low here at Right Pundits. Okay, I’ve reached a new low. Just watch the video below for proof.