Their purses matched their shoes. But few probably noticed. Instead, the clothed commuters on the Tube may have been more distracted by the nudity. Four – two men and two women – promoting ‘The Naked Office’ did a nude commute in England.

Yes, they wore shoes. Wearing anything else, apparently, would have distracted from their voluntary unveiling and naked backsides.

The nudes, using handbags and briefcases to partly cover their front, took escalators and the Tube to work as if stuck in that dream where you arrive at work naked and wake up screaming. They either didn’t wake up or thought the dream was a suggestion.

The stunt was to promote a TV series called, ‘The Naked Office,’ where behavior change specialist and leadership guru Seven Suphi convinces people that all your teamwork issues is because they can’t see each other naked and those belts are really confining.

Isn’t this what those accused of sexual harassment have been saying for years?

“For most people in the UK going to work in the nude is a very daunting prospect and I believe this extreme process will help them push their boundaries and become a close team that trust each other enough to get naked together,” said Suphi.

Who said office romances don’t work? All they need is a ‘Naked Friday.’

The show takes six British businesses and attempts to convince them that nudity will increase productivity by being the “ultimate office equalizer” because clothes are judgmental, apparently.

One of the businesses highlighted in the show is an organic fruit and vegetable delivery company which delivers the produce to your door. And no one will have issues eating fruits and vegetables processed and delivered by a bunch of naked people. That won’t cause any health code violations. No sirree.

Those poor Wal-Mart deli workers being forced to wear rubber gloves and hairnets will never find true teamwork and productivity.

Another company highlighted in the show is a recruitment agency that isn’t hitting their targets due to an “unfocused leader”. Everyone comes to work naked. That should focus the leader, while crying out for wet wipes on all the chairs.

If truly desperate for entertainment, ‘The Naked Show’, which the four were promoting with their nude commute in England, airs on Virgin 1. Or you could watch paint dry.