Hats off and big kudos to WSBTV-Atlanta news anchor, Justin Farmer! The intrepid reporter from Atlanta’s Channel 2 has scooped the national Media on how hundreds of the illegal aliens entering the U.S. from Mexico are from nations with ties to terrorism. One who may have entered in 2004 is Adnan Shurkajurmah, a Saudi national with a $5 Million dollar bounty on his head from the FBI. Shurkajurmah is believed to have been in the Atlanta area at one time. A known pilot and bomb expert, Federal agents believe he was one of seven al Qaeda members spotted in Central America while heading to the United States via Mexico.

Farmer has obtained documents suppressed by ICE and Homeland Security called OTM, standing for Other Than Mexicans. These are lists of those arrested and detained for entering the U.S. illegally. They include names of people from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, and even Iran! Eleven nations total with ties to terrorism. Justin Farmer and WSBTV received a copy of some OTM documents through a Congressional staff member. However, it seems that elected members of Congress may be unaware of such lists.

Arizona appears to be a favorite location for entering the United States from Mexico by these illegal aliens. Federal officials believe that many of those from Middle Eastern and African nations first arrive in South America, where they learn Spanish. They then follow a pipeline, possibly with help from drug cartels, through Mexico into the U.S.. Farmer interviewed an Arizonan rancher, anonymously, who should the Atlanta anchorman some Muslim prayer rugs he found on his property near suspected infiltration points.

While much of the focus over the recent passage of a new illegal immigration law in Arizona has been centered on those of Mexican nationality, the WSBTV series of reports shows the problem may be far deeper and more dangerous. The recent crime wave spurred by Mexican drug lords, resulting in thousands of deaths and kidnappings along the border region is bad enough. These new revelations show that something even bigger may be happening. If Justin Farmer’s reports are accurate, hundreds, if not thousands, of terrorists are now in the United States.