Join our live blog on Tuesday May 18th, 2010 for live election results of the primary races in Kentucky which will decide the general election matchup for Jim Bunning’s old senate seat. Both the Republican (Rand Paul – Trey Greyson) and Democrat (Daniel Mongiardo – Jack Conway) parties have interesting primary races well worth watching. What do the exit polls say? Join the conversation below.

Kentucky primary results

In the KY Republican primary, Trey Greyson is in a rather lopsided battle with Rand Paul, who is the son of libertarian-minded Ron Paul. While Grayson was the pick of mainstream establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul was the choice of the Tea Party, whose exuberant grassroots support has put him over the top. In the latest Kentucky polls, Paul leads by 20 points and will win the primary race easily.

The Democrats have a real nail biter on their hands. Daniel Mongiardo, who almost beat Bunning in the general election six years ago, is locked neck and neck with Arkansas Attorney General Jack Conway. In that contest the choice of establishment Democrats is Jack Conway who has far outspend his opponent in the race. Mongiardo’s superior name recognition catapulted him to a commanding lead early in the primary race, but Conway’s money has closed the gap considerably. The latest polls give Mongiardo a 3 point lead (Daily Kos), or a 1 point lead (Survey USA), depending on who you want to believe.

Join our live blog right here and tell us what you think of the day’s events. We’ll have any KY exit poll data as it becomes available and live election returns from the race as well as any breaking news. Expect to celebrate a Rand Paul primary victory while learning the winner of the Democrat primary as well.

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Kentucky Election Results (2010 Primary)