Join our live blog on Tuesday May 18th, 2010 for live election results of the Senate Democrat primary race in Pennsylvania. Will the winner of the PA primary be Arlen Specter or Joe Sestak? What do the exit polls say? Join the conversation below.

Update: Sestak wins. Right Pundits call at 9.45pm ET. Open the live blog session for details.

Pennsylvania Primary Democrat

One thing for sure is that both of these candidates are trailing in the polls behind Republican front-runner Pat Toomey. He has a double-digit lead over Arlen specter and a high single-digit lead over Sestak.

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At one time Arlen Specter was heavily favored in this race. His negative ads labeled his opponent No Show Joe for his miserable record of attendance in congress, a record that will be used against Sestak in the general election.

But over the past three months Joe Sestak has narrowed the gap from 30 points to a dead heat, with the latest polls over the past two weeks generally showing him a point or two ahead. A reasonable prediction for the Democrat primary in Pennsylvania is that Joe Sestak will win, given the trend lines and momentum.

Sestak has run powerful ads lately depicting Arlen Specter as a desperate candidate who will cling to power at the cost of his own principles. In the face of a Republican primary challenge from Pat Toomey, Specter switched parties from GOP to Democrat last year. At the time he rather too candidly stated the reason we all know, which is he did it to assure his continuing election as a senator.

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