The death of one teenager led to a 7 year old girl to be killed by Detroit Police. Sunday, at about 12:45am, EDT, police made a forced entry into a residence on Detroit’s east side executing a search warrant. A ‘flash-bang’ device was thrown in first as police raided the home seeking a suspect in the murder of Jarean Blake, a 17 year old boy killed this past Friday. Entering with guns drawn, Detroit police officers were confronted by Mertilla Jones, 47. According to reports, she struggled with one police officer, who’s gun was discharged accidentally. The bullet struck Jones’ 7 year-old granddaughter, Aiyana, whom had been asleep at the time.

Assistant Police Chief, Ralph Godbee, said that Aiyana Jones was struck in the neck while sleeping on a couch. The girl died later at the St. John’s Hospital. The officer involved is on a paid leave while the incident is investigated. Godbee adds, “This is any parent’s worst nightmare. It also is any police officer’s worst nightmare.”

The suspect was apprehended and arrested, though the suspect’s identity has not yet been released. Godbee said that, “We cannot undo what occurred this morning.” He later told reporters that “countless” high-risk warrants are executed while children are present. “This was a perfect storm for tragedy.”

On Friday, 17 year old Jarean Blake was shot and killed at 3pm in front of a store while going home after school. His girlfriend was present and a description matching that of a 34 year old man who lived at the Jones residence. Since the suspect was considered armed and very violent, the Detroit Police’s Special Response Team was used for the early morning raid on Sunday.

Activists are already lining up. A protest will be held today at Wayne State University in Detroit, where U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver the commencement speech. The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality will demand that the Federal government investigate Sunday morning’s shooting. Led by Ron Scott, he says that this is the worst case he’s seen in the 14 years that he has campaign against abuse of police powers. His organization opposes the use by police of military equipment, including devices such as the ‘flash-bang’ grenade.

A cable TV show, “The First 48″, may have been with police and have filmed the entire incident. Charles Jones, 25, father of 7 year old Aiyana, was in another room of the house when police entered. He rushed into the front room after the flash-bang device and his daughter was shot. Police had ordered him to lie face down on the floor. He claims he did so directly above the blood of his daughter. The grandmother who scuffled with the policeman who’s gun accidentally discharged was taken into custody but released shortly after.