A poll by the British website Compucars.co.uk reveals that BMW drivers are ‘the worst drivers’ on the road according to other motorists. The poll of disgruntled drivers heaped scorn upon Beamer owners, accusing them of aggressive behavior, rudeness, and road rage.

BMW drivers worst

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you are free to discuss this topic or any other today, but I’m talking about BMW drivers.

Over 1,000 readers responded to the survey, which among other things revealed the startling fact that young drivers are not as good as middle-aged drivers, and that, well, taxi drivers are horrible. Who knew? But the worst of your venomous outrage was saved for BWM drivers.

I can empathize with the results of this poll as a BMW driver myself. The cars are lower to the ground and super heavy, which means they take turns really well with very little danger of rolling. You hardly have to slow down, and if you do happen to turn too fast they have some sort of technology that adjusts out of your mistake. The acceleration is great, and when you have such a vehicle you are suppose to be using it well are we not?

And that is partly because BMWs are incredibly safe cars by comparison to others. While your Toyota brakes may just fail behind me, I’ll at least be able to accelerate rapidly and turn violently to avoid you. I won’t be rolling or skidding or flipping.

You can find this latest poll on the awfulness of BMW drivers here, not that this new poll is anything new.

Rather amusingly earlier polls of drivers have concluded the same thing. You can review a survey by Auto Trader magazine here, and another poll by an organization called The Myway Code here.

So BMW Drivers are the worst drivers, poll says. What do you say, dear readers, after viewing this hilarious video of some really bad drivers!