As if tensions between certain races weren’t bad enough, Hollywood is now getting into the act, doing their part to stoke the fires of discord. Robert Rodriguez’s movie ‘Machete’ is due to open in September and three months ahead of that event ‘Machete’s’ race war implication is being felt all over.

An all out race war seems farfetched but something that horrific is not entirely out of the question with tensions so high on both sides of the immigration debate. ‘Machete’ delivered a stern message to Arizona, using the occasion of Cinco de Mayo to push hate.

The danger of ‘Machete’s’ race war inference is that in today’s society, people don’t need much prodding to act out or glean ideas from what they see on TV or the big screen. With tensions already high around the border due to Mexico’s drug war and violence and continuous infiltration over the border illegally into America, why provoke something that no one wants?

The Hollywood, leftist double standard is alive and well in the movie ‘Machete’, with the main character (aptly named ‘Machete’) taking matters into his own hands by killing white men who aim to keep America from being overrun with illegal aliens. John Nolte at Big Hollywood asks the question that liberals always fail to ask; what if the tables were turned? What if it were white men securing the border who started a race war against Hispanics? It’s doubtful that Robert Rodriguez’s movie would be as well received in Hollywood circles if that were the case.

There’s also another angle to the movie ‘Machete’ that should have you up in arms. ‘Machete’, race war movie of 2010 was also made with taxpayer dollars. The Texas Film Commission has funded, at least in part, ‘Machete.’ Race wars may seem like something you would only see in the movies, let’s hope it stays there. For the country’s sake let’s hope that the left doesn’t get their way by provoking an irreversible travesty for political gain.